KRA Web Design - High Quality at an affordable price

Once the design specks are received, 3 mock up designs will be delivered in jpeg format within 24 hours. After you have chosen one of the mock up designs, a phone call will be scheduled so revisions can be made to the layout.KRA Web Design - Process Flow

Once the coding phase of your site begins, you will be given daily updates, along with what part of the site is currently being worked on. All updates will be uploaded to the KRA Web Design server, and a link will be emailed to you. This will allow you to see how the site actually looks and acts on the web so there won't be any surprised once the final design is uploaded to your hosting service.

We encourage feed back during this process, it’s your web site, and we want it to be as you vision. If you have a web site you want yours modeled after, please feel free to send us the link, and if you have a mock up you want us to follow send that too.

If for some reason a design cannot be agreed upon you will not be charged any fees.