Common Questions

Q. "Isn’t real estate investments risky in this economy?"

This site is not about investing in some speculative land deal over a Superfund site. Instead, we focus on making standard, bank-like loans on property at 60% or less of market value. Properties are chosen based on our experience with market demand, especially wholesalers, who will purchase these properties for cash in the shortest amount of time, therefore minimizing your risk and maximizing your return on investment.

Q. "What if I want to get out of the investment earlier than I had planned?"

If circumstances are such that you need to cash out your investment, another private lender will take over your position, but you will lose any profit on that particular investment.

Q. "What are the tax consequences of these investments?"

We’re not your tax advisor, and we urge you to speak to one before making any investment. But in general terms, because you are a lender, you will not receive depreciation benefits. You will receive interest income and/or capital gains from sale of real estate.

Q. "Do I invest in one property or several?"

You make a loan on one specific property at a time. You know exactly where your money is going. Of course, if you decide you like this form of investing, there’s nothing to stop you from making multiple separate investments.

Q. "Where do I go from here if I have questions, or just want to get started?"

Just go here to contact us. We will be glad to speak with you and answer any questions. We can also provide you with references of other private investors that we have worked with for several years.

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