Investment Opportunities

Whenever you make an investment, you are either an:

Owner  -- as an owner, you own a share in a business and respectively a proportionate share of the growth and profit of the business.  The bad news is if the asset shrinks to little or nothing, you also now own a share of little or nothing.

Loaner – as an loaner, you know your  investment will be paid back at the end, plus you will receive interest on the investment.

Although there are many ways to invest as an owner in real estate. This website is focused on describing how you can make profitable short term loans, secured by specific pieces of property.

What exactly will the rate of return be?

Most of the investments will have a Rate of Return according to the table below. Any exceptions will be discussed prior to the particular investment and situation. If no exceptions are mentioned, please refer to the table below:

Loan Amount Time Frame Rate of Return
$1,000 and up Up to 90 days turn around 15%
$1,000 and up From 90 days to 180 days 20%
$1,000 and up Over 180 days Entire profit

IMPORTANT NOTE: These are short term real estate loans, with a projected turn around time period of 3 months or less. Extraordinary situations might extend the projected time period up to 6 months.

Example of an investment:

Purchase Investment on May 1st $30,000
Sold on June 20th $40,000
Funds Returned to Investor on June 20th $34,500
Extra funds to pay commissions, closing costs, marketing costs $6,500

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