We realize that there are several investment choices available: stocks, bonds, mutual funds,  etc. We believe that real estate is the most solid and secure investment medium: investments are secured by tangible assets (real estate) backed  by a valid instrument (deed of trust).

Solid Investment Returns in a Shaky Housing Market

One rate real estate investing offers a fixed rate of return on real estate investments. This investment technique is a preferred choice for individuals seeking a guaranteed rate of return on investments. One rate real estate is perhaps one of the most solid techniques in an otherwise unpredictable market.

To be successful in one rate real estate, it is imperative to work with a professional with a solid track record in flipping houses. We have a history of over 10 years in buying and selling single and multi-family properties. Testimonials are available upon request (we can provide you with names and phone numbers of satisfied investment partners.)

Today, house flipping is still a viable option and can yield profits. The primary goal of house flipping is to buy it  and quickly sell it for profit.

We engage in wholesaling real estate. Investors purchase properties significantly under market value and resell the property in "as-is" condition for profit. All these properties are purchased at a deep discounted rate: foreclosures, short sales, REOs, probate properties and other distressed real estate.

Most one rate real estate transactions last between three and six months. Investors can reinvest the money in another real estate deal.

We can flip dozens of houses a year. Our solid experience and buyers’ list provide a solid outlet for all real estate investments.

We purchase only properties that meet certain criteria and for which we already have a potential wholesale buyer.

Join The Exclusive Club

When you do Private Lending, you join an exclusive and discreet club of investors that do not accept the "passbook savings" levels of interest on their money. They want to be handsomely rewarded, and want plenty of security backing up their investments.

Contact us and let us show you how private lending can work for you

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