Common 'Cents' Real Estate Investing


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Meet Kent Sutton.


Kent grew up in rural West Virginia and then moved to Ohio after he graduated from high school. At the age of 17, he went to work at a local service station and was an employee for a few years. He then honed his skills as an entrepreneur by serving as an independent dealer for 35 years with two different service stations of his own.


It was as a service station operator that Kent put into practice the strong work ethic and common sense principles that he learned as a boy, and that have guided him throughout his business life.


Kent purchased his first rental property in 1968 and thus, launched a tremendously successful business in real estate.


Today, Kent Sutton owns rental properties that total 147 units in all.

His potential annual rent income from these properties comes to…



Now, after years of sharing his knowledge, experience and expertise with other landlords and potential real estate investors at various local association meetings, Kent is launching…


Common 'Cents' Real Estate Investing


In DVD #1, “Beginning Real Estate,” Kent Sutton will draw from his 40+ years of experience in real estate investing to provide you with valuable, no-nonsense information you need to have - whether you’ve been a landlord for several years, or you’re just getting started in this business.  Kent will teach you:

 “I learn so much from Kent that really helps me in managing

my own rental properties every time I see one of his presentations.

Kent has a wealth of valuable information through all of his

experience in real estate and from everything he has seen and done –

and he has a great talent for making his points and laying the cards

on the table. He doesn’t pull any punches - and I like that.”

- Jerry Buchs, Amherst, OH


All you need to have is the willingness, and Kent Sutton will show you the rest. Willingness is determined by your answers to such questions as:

With regard to the last question, the reason it’s important to have an open mind is because much of Kent’s advice flies in the face of what you see on late-night TV infomercials and goes against those people who are looking for the latest and greatest get-rich-quick scheme.


That is precisely why, through his hard-working, common sense approach to real estate investing, Kent has been able to overcome periodic recessions, massive economic downturns in the area where he lives, and a never-before-seen decline in the real estate market to amass a substantial fortune in real estate.


As a result of his success and many years of experience, Kent receives calls from across the country where he answers specific questions and provides his personal counsel to beginning and veteran landlords and those who are considering getting started in real estate. He also helped to organize a landlords association in his community and speaks to packed audiences on a regular basis.


Now, you will benefit so much from this valuable information that you’ll find it is worth many times what you pay for this package.


Together for the first time…


In addition, joining Kent in this must-have package and featured in the second session is Jack Green, an accomplished, hard-working rehab specialist who has been buying vacant houses and fixing them up, either to rent or resell, for more than 15 years.


Jack began working on real estate projects when he built his family’s second home as a young husband and father. After assisting family and friends on a few other projects over the years, he bought and rehabbed his first house in 1994, but he had a chance to sell it before the work was finished.


Jack currently rehabs an average of three houses a year – and he also teaches other real estate investors how to find and evaluate potential houses to purchase and rehab, how much it will cost, what to do, and how much money can be made.


Now, Jack is ready to show you!


In DVD #2, “Beginning Property Rehab,” Jack Green takes you step by step through everything you need to know and then do to make money rehabbing houses or other properties. A small sampling of what Jack will be covering includes such things as:

What Kent and Jack do in three jam-packed hours is share with you the planning, financing, managing, and property rehab secrets they have learned through more than 55 years of combined experience in the real estate business.




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Common ‘Cents’

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