Business Team


Contractor Staffing Services: We place individuals or teams of contractors in short order to enable you to build, deploy, support and maintain an application or business process.  By utilizing our RECRUITMENT LIFE CYCLE methodology, we have been successful in selecting only top-quality candidates who possess the ability to enter a client environment and add value immediately.

Right-to-Hire Placement Services: You can realize a cost-effective hiring solution with Right-to-Hire placement services -- an alternative staffing solution to help you evaluate a potential full-time employee. Through our RECRUITMENT LIFE CYCLE methodology, we have been successful in placing top-quality candidates, thereby reducing our clients’ over-all costs while giving them the increased flexibility necessary to determine if the candidate is a good fit.

Full-Time Placement Services:We offer direct-hire recruiting services for clients who are looking for the right combination of skill, experience, commitment and leadership needed to meet business objectives. We save you the costs of advertising, screening resumes, interviewing and background checks, while maintaining complete confidentiality in the process. You only pay for positive results. If you are not completely satisfied with the placement within 90 days, we will replace the employee at no additional cost.


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