IT Audit

Our client is seeking candidates to assist in performing 3rd Party TSP
(Technology Service Provider) Reviews. These reviews consist of a Security / Risk Assessment and an information security audit.

An ideal candidate will have a strong background in Information Security
with specific expertise and understanding of Security Governance. Any
specific experience in the Financial Services industry is preferred, but not required. Experience and understanding of federal and industry regulations such as GLBA, PCI, and SOX are ideal. A candidate with a strong background in Information Security auditing is also ideal. CISA (Certified Information Security Auditor) certification is preferred, but not required.

Candidates background should include a strong understanding of network systems design and architecture with a specific understanding of technologies such as firewalls and operating systems (Unix, Windows,
Mainframe, etc). Candidate will be responsible for making recommendations on architecture to ensure compliance to regulations. The candidate will analyze, review, and recommend changes to IT and network systems specifically related to security architecture, protocols, and controls. The candidate will review LAN, security components such as firewalls, intrusion protection systems, and other border network devices, routers, and an extensive array of other security protocols and devices. Candidate will recommend changes to these technologies if they do not meet required security standards related to protection of NPPI and other secure data. These changes will involve new configurations and in some cases new equipment.