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Basic Online Networking and
     Recruiting Service Plan


 Our services have been utilized
by several area firms and
government agencies


If your a job seeker of the Baby     Boomer generation, you may be
    feeling a little left out by the
    job market


"Gave me an immediate advantage......" L Chase, Program Manager

"Splendid opportunity to meet first hand with recruiters and field managers.... Highly recommend Net-To-Hire!"

"Network To Hire saved my firm weeks in getting staff!....." S. Jones

Network To Hire (N2H) is designed to meet the needs of the job seeker and the employer. We merge traditional face to face meetings with hiring representatives with social networking, social media and job boards. 

Looking for a job is a full time job and Network 2 Hire respects your time, talent and commitment.  Our Network 2 Hire events are better than the open call job fairs. We are not inviting the masses but smaller audiences of 5 – 50. We supplement the online job boards with our professional, private networking events.  

How are we different? Our events are held in a relaxed environment and are for pre-screened, qualified technical professionals. You are matched to an employer and the meeting is designed to allow the professional and the employer to meet to determine if this job is the best fit for both participants. Both parties are looking for commitment and longevity. 

What makes us different is that you will meet with a hiring representative! There is nothing better than the personal, human interaction between you and your potential new employer!

Network to Hire

Network to Hire Upcoming Events

Folks,let’s face it – 2009 has proven to be a very difficult economy and is clearly an employers’ market. Corporations are clearly using the “Employment-At-Will” policy to their discretion.


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